Advanced L-fare

Advanced L-fare is an interesting and colorful 3D gun shooting game that you can play here on minecraft game dowload. Shoot, snipe, stab and even beat your enemies with your handbag as you race to become the highest scoring team at the end of the match! Explore well-crafted environments and wield dangerous weapons as you hunt down the enemy team! Can you lead your team to victory or will you fall to your enemies?

Advanced L-fare offers a total of ten maps with beautiful graphics that look like they had been built from box of bricks, and on each one of them, you will be able to try out mode called "fight with a girl", where you will appear in the middle of a fierce fight against the girls and their shopping handbags. Do not get fooled, the girls can hit hard, according to what those, who already got hit from them, told us. It seems that they have bricks in those handbags, so watch out, and do not get one right in your head. Now, it is only up to you, which side you decide to join. Hopefully, you will be at least a bit satisfied with the fact that you can use against them a shotgun or a good old AK. Anyway, I would definitely recommend to avoid short-range fights. Have fun!

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WASD or arrow keys to move around

Left click to shoot

R to reload

Space bar to jump

Shift to run

Tab to open menu