Advanced Legy Warfare

Advanced Legy Fare is an exciting shooting game that you can play here on minecraft unblocked at school online. During the game, you will play in the first person perspective. Your task is to destroy as many enemies as possible and win all the battles. You will compete against other players around the world as this is an online game.

Before starting the game, you will select the server. There are 2 servers for you to choose: Europe and America. You will then enter your name. You can create a room or join other players’ rooms. In each battle, you have 2 teams to choose from: Police Team and Rob + Pros Team. Also at, you can customize the Quality in this interface.

You have a health bar. Each time you are shot, your HP will decrease. When your HP drops to 0, you will die. When you kill an enemy, your team will get a KILL. When time is over, the team with the most KILLS wins. When you create a room, you can set up the round time: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 20 minutes.

The interesting point in this game is that you have many different weapons to use, such as AK47, ShotGun, SniperGun or even a handbag ... There are also 2 game modes for you to pick: Team Deathmatch and Deatchmatch. Advanced Legy Fare gives you 20 different maps, which makes the game always fresh. You can fight in the Snow map, Jumpy map, Christmas map, Pain map ...

In addition, you can hardly miss countless favorite games to relax similar to this game like Pixel Warfare One and PixWars. Learn by playing today, you can join family and perfection. 


Use WASD or arrow keys to move around

Left click to shoot

R to reload

Space bar to jump

Shift to run

Tab to open menu