Adventure Craft

Adventure Craft is a great puzzle game that you can play here on minecraft games for kids. The interesting point in this game is that each level has a different objective. For example, the objective of level 1 is to reach 1500 points, the objective of level 2 is to reach 2000 points and the objective of level 3 is to reach 3000 points. 

In this game at, you play in a colorful world full of bricks. You use the mouse to move the blocks and your task is to connect three or more bricks with the same color to collect them. Adventure Craft has 20 levels, with each level being a different challenge for you. Note: At the top of the game screen is your score and objective. Try to complete each level as fast as you can.

Each time you clear bricks, you get points. The more bricks you clear per move, the more points you’ll get. You can connect the bricks in vertical, horizontal and diagonal rows. After completing a level, you will get stars (up to 3 stars per level).

What are you waiting for without winning this race? In addition, you can discover many new games on your journey similar to this game like ........... Pass the different levels with your ability right now.


Use the mouse to play.