Arena: Noob vs Pro

Arena: Noob vs Pro is an online multiplayer battle game which is playable on Minecraft online. Here's our favorite Noob returning to the battlefield. Equip yourself for this deathmatch game and shoot and kill as many opponents as you can. Enjoy Arena: Noob vs Pro, a real-time multiplayer battle in which you must fight your way through dangerous battles against dangerous opponents armed and protected by strong armor!

Join our beloved Noob in this harrowing adventure and take control of your courage as you train to become a professional fighter! Battle against dozens of other players while protecting your back at all times with the help of powerful firearms, challenges, and mini-games! Don't succumb to the dangers that come your way if you want to win the ultimate victory. Best wishes...

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WASD - to move the Left Stick WASD - to move the Right Stick MOUSE - to launch