Block Craft 2

With the second form of Block Craft, the experience proceeds from the last known point of interest! With the recently added skins, inventories and apparatuses, you would now be able to make a substantially more interesting world. You can make and alter a whole realm in this supernatural structure recreation game. Investigate its tremendous fields and let your creative mind go crazy. You can evaluate loads of cool devices and things during your excursion too.

Remember to share this game with your friends. Together with your friends, begin the challenge of the game to be able to experience an extremely stressful escape. Why don't you challenge yourself to a few other similar games like Squid Craft Online


Move: "W,A,S,D" Up/Down: "Q,E" Select block: "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" Pause and Key info: "P" Hit block: "LEFT-CLICK" Create block: "RIGHT-CLICK" Rotate block: "R" Fly mode: "F" Build mode: "B" Crouch: "C" Run: "LSHIFT" Torch: "L" Throw ball: "R" Su