Block Granny Horror

Block Granny Horror is a survival game with a Minecraft theme that you can play here on minecraft online unblocked. Take care of your family needs and protect them from the evil grannies that are lurking around!

Like every survival game, your wife and children need food. Adventure on the island to find fruits, hunt for meat and grill on the fire. The goal of the Block Granny Horror game at is to survive as long as possible on the deserted island by defeating the scary ghost grandmother. You will end the game as soon as you use up the last network or 1 family member is destroyed.

On the island, there are also many things for you to collect such as rocks or trees. Use them as materials to make shields, crossbows, build houses ... and create a safe haven. Try to survive your time trapped on the island, protect your family from Granny before finding a way out of this hell!

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Use WASD or arrow keys to move

Right mouse button to attack

I to open inventory

The Space bar to jump