Build & Crash

Build & Crash is a fun-addicting building and destroying block game which is playable on minecraft online unblocked. Select the mode you would like to play, whether you like to build stuff the way you want or, the opposite, crash things. You have many options on how to destroy your structures, like an earthquake, tornados or even a nuclear bomb, so get ready for some fun! On the building mode you can choose which kind of blocks to use and just set free your imagination. Have fun!

Building: Place blocks or animals to build something cool. At, there are normal blocks (bricks, granite, glass, wood, leaves, etc.) and color blocks. Each block can have multiple variations: column, stair, triangle. Don't forget to save what you build, and when you are happy with it you can make your creation public with a single click on the "Make public" button.

Crushing: This is where the fun begins. Select a random creation, and use the various weapons to blow everything up. Explode everything with TNT, shot it with cannon, trigger an earthquake, or put everything on fire! Pst, if you want a 1-click annihilation, use the atomic bomb. A real-time multiplayer mode will also arrive soon, where you can compete against other players, defend from zombies, and do other cool stuff!


Share these new game and gameplay tips for all other players if they are also looking for a new game with lots of interesting points. The same games also help you relax after every hour of intense learning such as Pixel Gun Apocalypse 6 and Pixel Gun Apocalypse 7. Are you ready today?


Build controls

Use the WASD to move

The Shift/Space to fly up/down

Left-click to destroy blocks

Right-click to place blocks (additional controls are displayed in the game)

Crush controls

Left-click to select weapons from the bottom part of the screen

F to enter free flight mode

C to load another random creation