Build with Cubes 2

Have a great game in minecraft free online! Get a fresh perspective on 3D block construction! Build with Cubes 2 is a voxel sandbox in the vein of Minecraft in which you may construct anything you want with cube pieces. Use a basic design comprised of cubes or construct a 3D landscape by adjusting variables such as seed, the height and breadth of hills, and the quantity of objects, entities, trees, and flowers. Construct a dollhouse, your own home or castle, or even a small town, fill it with furniture, and arrange various decorative and lighting features. Utilize portals, portal-able surfaces, and the portalgun to construct mini-puzzle games, teleports, and other structures.

Create basic tunes with musical note blocks, populate your environment with creatures and animals, and utilize the fly mode and mirror capabilities to construct quicker and more efficiently. In addition, we also suggest giving players some new games that you can hardly miss to participate in your spare time like My Desert World. Every world is a story you can share with your friends in your free time.


Arrow keys / WASD to move around and control flight; hold LMB and move mouse to rotate camera; Spacebar - to jump; E to pick up objects; LMB click to select block and place new one; RMB to destroy any block and picked object; Z and Q - create portals.