is a Minecraft survival server .io game that you can play here on game minecraft 3d! This is a multiplayer game and you can trade or fight with other people - the choice is yours! You can also place blocks down on the ground to create structures - let your imagination run wild! 

All you start with are a pickaxe and sword - you must move around the map and try to collect different resources so that you can survive. Here at, to fight other players, you can craft swords, bows, armor, TNT, and more. You can also farm, build a base, and sell items in the shop to protect your resources and gain more gold. Use mob spawners to collect items and XP, and spend your XP to enchant your items!

Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the fun in this game with them. If you love this game and want to play more word games, you can try


Use the WASD to move

Left mouse button to attack/gather/place a block

Number keys to switch an item

Shift to sneak

E to open the crafting/shop menu