Fast Pixel Bullet

Today, let me introduce todays contestants in our Minecraft battlefield arena! Boom! Headshot! Every first-person shooter player knows the feeling when you get that first headshot of the game. There isn’t a feeling like it and that is no different in Fast Pixel Bullet at Minecraft games for the kid - a Minecraft style FPS game. 

At, choose from one of four devastating weapons and blast your enemies into submission! Boys and girls have been battling each others since ever, and today, we are going to have one clear winner. Who is better at fighting, boys, or girls? Which team will you represent? Choose now, and the decide the outcome of the most epic battle ever! Fight it out in several locations and prove once and for all, who comes out on top! 

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Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

Use the left mouse button to shoot

Press space bar to jump

Press R to reload