Funny Bunny Logic

Funny Bunny Logic is an awesome puzzle game which is playable on minecraft games for kids. In the game, you need to create a safe path for the bunnies to cross. This is a simple one-touch mechanism game where you need to make all of the tiles green by selecting the correct one to change all of the perpendicular tiles to green.

There are over 40 challenging levels to play that will all test your thinking skills as you must carefully pick every single move. If you select tiles to quickly without thinking it through hen you will find yourself stuck and out of moves. Do not panic as there is a reset feature that allows you to start again at the same level. Plan out your moves and get those bunnies safely across! Good luck!

Do not forget to share the game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game to try to become the leading players. Let's experience a few other similar games like Soccer Random at 


Use left mouse button to choose a tile.