is a multiplayer third person shooting simulation game with 3D game art animation that you can play here on Minecraft games for the kid. You are able to create and set your character with different clothes and guns. Everyone has a rifle and an RPG to start. Survive and destroy other players to get more scores in!

The goal of the game at, is to kill up as many players as possible and become a leader among the leaders. You can destroy the walls with a grenade launcher to get blocks for building shelters. Use a sniper rifle to shoot down an enemy from a distance. If there is a large number of opponents, throw a grenade. Team up with friends, it will be easier for you to defeat the enemy. Hope you like it! is about teamwork and strategic planning. The bases you build and walls you put up might get shot down easily, but ultimately if you play your cards right that won't matter. Think strategically and act tactically. This is It's ready for you, are you ready for it?

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Use WASD to move

123456 to switch weapons/platforms

Left mouse button to shoot/place platforms

The Space bar to jump

Esc to access the menu