Hero Can't Fly

In the new and exciting game Hero Can't Fly at Minecraft online, you must help support the guy in going to collect gems. A path is laid straightforwardly in the air right in front of you on the screen. It is made up of cube platforms. A certain distance will separate all operating systems. Your hero will efficiency through one of them.

You must predict because once your hero will be standing in front of another framework and then click the mouse mostly on screen. This will cause your hero to swoop from one component to another. Along the way, your character will want to collect gems thrown throughout the surrounding. You will earn points one per item you purchase.

It's fun that you can join this game and invite your friends to start it so you can kill as many enemies as you can in a maze. You can enjoy a few more similar fighting game genres like Noob Platform Adventure


To help the hero jump higher, press the screen, then release your finger to make the hero move normally to avoid flying boxes or move to other bricks.