Killers On Blocks

Killers On Blocks is an interesting game that you can play here on minecraft unblocked. A Minecraft boy was on his way to discover the beauty of Minecraft world; unfortunately, he got lost in a strange land. After visiting it, he realized that this land is the world of dangerous creepers and zombies. If you are in that situation, what would you do to keep you surviving till figuring out the exit, guys? Let’s play Killers on Blocks to save the boy and show us your resolution. Look! The bad creatures are lurking around the land to find foods. Hurry up to take the gun up and protect him as well as kill all of the hungry creatures. Be ready to receive the task and complete it well, guys?

Let’s go and beat your enemies, guys. The more creatures are annihilated, the cooler experience points are. During the game at, please never let the boy touch these creatures, or he will be dead, and the task fails, guys. 

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Use the mouse is to attack.

Use WASD to move.

The spacebar is to jump.

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