Kogama: Pokemon

Kogama is a blocky and 3D open world game that dozens of themes and games that you can play here on minecraft free play. This time, Kogama took on the popular theme Pokemon and created an entire new game called Kogama Pokemon. Meet the blocky world and characters of Kogama and play a cross adventure with the Pokemon world. In this game, Dr. Oak will lead you out of the Poke Center to start your adventure. Get your Pokeballs ready, grab a special jet pack, and fly to different houses in Kogama Pokemon!

Explore the Kogama world and become a Pokemon trainer! Start your incredible 3D adventure and capture all the Pokemons you see in Kogama Pokemon at https://minecraftgames.games/! Fight against other trainers and capture wild Pokemon in this cross over game! Become a real Pokemon trainer in this game! 

We also constantly update the latest games for online game players around the world to relax after every hour of learning the same stress with this game like Zombiecraft 2 and Super 3D World Adventure. You will love the game space that this game brings. We always create conditions for game players. 


Use WASD to Move

Mouse to Navigate / Aim / Look

LMB to Fire / Interact / Select

K to Respawn

Q to Drop Item

M to Open Menu