MCParkour Noob & Noob Baby

You have to assist two pals in 3D two-player MC parkour to cross the finish line. In this two-player game, you must overcome significant obstacles in order to win. Noob player and baby Noob Player must sprint safely to the finish line. Run, don't stop, and steer clear of the lava. You will perish if you step into the lava! 
The gameplay is simple, everything is done in a very realistic way. You will find it very relaxing while playing. Let's go through many levels and see how strong you are. Let's play together and feel great! Do you want to try other games, why not try some other games similar to Cube Craft Survival, Noob VS. Choo-Choo Charles.

How to play: Newbies should move using the WASD keys and jump with the Space bar. Newbies should move with the arrow keys and leap with P.Available on mobile devices