Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks is a sandbox game that you can play here on minecraft unblocked games. With interesting gameplay and unique minecraft graphics, I believe Mine Blocks will give you a great experience. In Mine Blocks, you control a man. You are the last survivor on a strange land. At the start of the game, you will appear in a strange land. You have an inventory and you can use it to store items that you have collected. Let's store all the items you see for use when needed. You can store flowers, sand, clay, cactus, sticks, chest, gun powder ... And I think you will need wood to build a house. If you go into the caves, you will see rare items as well as treasure chests.

Your mission is to explore the new land and survive as long as you can. You need to look for food because you have an energy bar. When your energy drops to zero, you will die and the game is over. In this game at https://minecraftgames.games/, you will face many fierce animals and you need weapons to kill them. The interesting point in Mine Blocks is that you can tame the wolves into your dogs, and I think you need bones to do that. Note: You need to find items that can craft weapons. 

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Use the WASD or arrow keys to control in Mine Blocks.

Use the mouse to aim and attack

Use number keys to select items.

Space to jump and S to crouch.


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