Minecaves 2

Minecaves 2 is a wonderful Adventure game that you can play here on Minecraft games for the kid. In this game, you will control a character who is able to fly around the game world. While he’s flying, this character will release colorful glitters that mark his tail. The purpose of the protagonist’s adventure is exploring the caves made from red blocks in the game world to collect jewels and the golden stars.

Serving the iconic bit graphics that can only be seen in Minecraft, Minecaves 2 perfectly follow the footstep of its senior. This is a cave explorer style game. Rush from walls to walls to collect all gemstones then get out of the exit of the cave. You need to think a little to land the right position and avoid the moving dangers in the cave maze. If you are ready to explore deep dungeons, join the game and have fun.

Each time you interact with one of those obstacles, you will lose one live and the longer you interact with them the less you stay in the gameplay of https://minecraftgames.games/. There is a door that leads you to each level, and that door is also the object that will lead you to the next stage of your journey. 

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Use the keyboard to control.