Minecaves Lost in Space

Minecaves Lost in Space is one of the best maze games and puzzle games with Minecraft that you can play here on minecraft game online. Like we said, each level is created as a maze, and you complete it once you've collected all the jewels, which will open up the door for you to advance to the following level. There are also three stars that can be collected from the maze, and if you grab them all you get all of them in the stats, which is important for each level. Also, for the jewels that you've collected along the way you get points in return, so try to rack up a score as big as possible. Now, the mazes are not that easy, and they get progressively more difficult as you advance, but you need to get past anything that stands in your way, such as the monsters. 

Avoid monsters, because one touch from them costs you a life, and if you lose all your three lives you also lose the game. In further level at https://minecraftgames.games/, the water levels will get bigger, so go over the arrows in the mazes to make the water go up and down, allowing you to explore new parts of the maze to complete your stage. Move Steve in the direction you want him to go by pressing the corresponding arrow key, and know that he will go in that direction until he hits a wall. We hope you complete all levels, get three stars at each, and when the adventure is finished and Steve is back into his Minecraft home, you will have racked up quite a big score too!

Surely this world will be extremely special to you and expand your list of favorite games with many other games like Pixel Farm and Pixel Craft. Cool images Funny graphics help you play games in a more relaxed way. Feel this special thing. 


Press arrow keys to move Steve.