Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic is the original minecraft game that you can play here on minecraft shooting games. Now you can play Minecraft online for free with your friends. Create your own buildings and all kinds of structures. Enter the huge world on Minecraft and start mining and crafting different types of blocks. Build tunnels, buildings, castles and whatever you can imagine. Invite friends over to enjoy this free multiplayer game together, simply by copying and sharing a link. The world is your canvas, so set free your imagination and have fun with Minecraft Classic!

To start the game at https://minecraftgames.games/, you only have 32 blocks so your building capacities will be limited. There are no monsters or enemies in this version. So there is no need to worry if you'll be home before dark. In the old days, sand blocks were rare and only appeared in one block-thick beaches. So don't waste your sand blocks! In the classic version, the arms of the character wings wildly around when you are walking. It's hilarious!

Share with your friends if they are also looking for one of the new games to join. We update the same games with this game like Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 and Kogama: Crazy Coasters. You will definitely love them. 


Use WASD to move

Left click to destroy/place a block

Right click to toggle build mode

Number keys to choose a block

Enter to save the position

R to load the position

B to open blocks menu

T to chat

F to toggle fog