MineEnergy.fun is a free Minecraft online game. Mine assets, purchase in the store and put generators for energy creation, put offering squares to sell assets and energy for cash. Purchase further developed instruments, covering, new generators, and programmed diggers. Safeguard your structures with dividers and Tesla curls. Get assets from minerals: coal metal iron metal brilliant metal precious stone metal uranium metal

Each kind of metal has its own digger for programmed extraction of assets. Put the generators: manual generator - produces energy from associating with it. Not compelling, but rather reasonable when there could be no different choices. sun based generator - produces energy from daylight. wind generator - produces energy from wind. coal generator - produces energy from coal. geothermal generator - produces energy from magma. water turbine - produces energy from water. atomic generator - produces energy from uranium.

Every generator consumes something (or not) and produces energy. Place the "Little dealer" or "Huge vender" square to sell assets for cash. For cash you can purchase a better apparatuses: wooden pickaxe - the most straightforward pickaxe. It creates a couple of assets, yet all the same the least expensive. iron pickaxe - further developed pickaxe. Mining more assets. With it, you can mine gold. brilliant pickaxe - further developed pickaxe. Mining more assets.

With it, you can mine jewels. jewel pickaxe - the best pick that doesn't need energy. Mining more assets. With it, you can mine uranium. drill - dimple electric drill. It extricates more assets, yet consumes energy during activity. precious stone drill - the best apparatus for asset extraction. It extricates a gigantic measure of assets per hit, yet additionally consumes more energy. wrench - eliminates your squares.

Eye-catching graphics, flexible gameplay, and character images will attract players. Accept all challenges and join some other games like DoodleCube.io.

Hit your square with a wrench to eliminate the square. You can purchase protective layer: calfskin covering - difficult to call it reinforcement, yet it's superior to nothing. iron covering - ingests part of the harm. brilliant protection - better than iron defensive layer, it assimilates more harm. What's more players like to flaunt at her. precious stone defensive layer - the most sturdy covering that doesn't need energy.

An incredible decision on the off chance that you don't have generators, yet have truckload of cash o_O nano covering - carbon fiber protection. It safeguards better compared to a jewel shield however consumes energy while engrossing harm. quantum reinforcement - the best shield! Really ingests the vast majority of the harm, yet consumes more energy. Unfortunately, it doesn't safeguard against Covid. Safeguard your structures with dividers, Tesla curls and put a bed that will restore you in the afterlife. MineEnergy will allow you to have a good time and not let you get exhausted!


Use the WASD to move

Left Mouse Button to Attack/Place block

Left Shift to Speed up

E to Shop