MineRoyale.io is a multiplayer battle royale game that you can play here on Free minecraft games. In the game, the player can mine various resources and craft them into new tools. As in most Battle Royale games, the danger zone is constantly shrinking, so be careful! Make sure you have enough equipment to beat the other players. Have fun!

Every player spawns with the same resources in a random location on the large, square map. As time goes on, a deadly forcefield begins to close in towards the center of the map. On https://minecraftgames.games/, to have a chance at winning the game, you must collect resources and prepare to fight with other players. When the center of the forcefield becomes very small, you will encounter enemy players. The player with the best TNT and bow shooting skills will probably come out on top!

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Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

Left mouse button to attack/mine

Number keys to switch item

E to open crafting menu

Shift to sneak