MineWorld Horror The Mansion

12 hours ago two police officers and the medic went to the mansion in the outskirts of the city. They got call from there, telling them that somethig strange is goint on. Since then, no one heard from them. You are send to the mansion to check it and wait for backup... But things will go horribly wrong...


- Minecraft style game with first anf third person mode.

- 6 types of weapons, 2 melee and 4 ranged

- Over 10 types of zombies

- Horror shooter plus escape game.

- Awesome 3d graphics


Mouse 1 : fire weapon

Mouse 2 : raise sights C : toggle camera mode W, S, A, D : move player Left Shift : sprint Left Ctrl : crouch X : prone Space : jump F : use item R : reload H : holster weap