Monster Craft

Monster Craft is an interesting game that you can play here on minecraft unblocked at school online. Have you ever heard or played a famous game named Minecraft around the world? Nowadays here is a simulation game called Monster Craft which is concentrate on destroying monsters with familiar elements like Minecraft. There are about 16 levels for you to experience and challenge here. Normally, after collecting all the green gems it asked and destroying all the monsters like creepers, you will complete the current level.

You are going to be moving through mazes that are made in the world of Minecraft, and to move you are going to use the w, a, s, d keys. With the mouse, you are going to give it your all to attack the monsters that are going to appear in front of you, monsters that need to be eliminated, because otherwise, they defeat you, something that you can't want to happen, isn't that right? Good luck, and when you're done here, make sure you give a try to the other great games of our website, all of which will be added today for you, free of charge!

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Use the mouse or Arrow keys to play this game