Noob Escape: one level again

Welcome to Noob Escape: one level again, a special new platform-adventure game with escape and puzzle elements to be added to this beloved series of Noob Vs Pro Games, one that we truly believe will not go out of style any time soon, and why would it, when we constantly bring you new and fresh experiences in ti as awesome as this one!

The main feature of this game at Minecraft online is that you will have the same level in front of you, with the same door you must go through to escape it, but the parameters for doing so will change from level to level. Grab the key to open the door, sometimes dragging it or simply clicking on it, and then guide the Noob through the gate while avoiding spikes.

Take advantage of the command in the middle of the screen in each level that you must follow in order to complete that stage. When you have multiple keys to grab or the gravity changes, simply move according to the rules of the world to clear it. Much fun!

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Use the Arrow keys or WASD to play this game. If you are playing from a phone, just tap the buttons on the screen