Noob vs Pro Castle Defence

The brave Noob who chooses to live in the Minecraft world games universe today will try to protect the castle from the living dead army's war of aggression. You will assist him with this task in the game Noob vs Pro Castle Defense. On the projector in front of you will be your protagonist, who will be trying to hold a weapon just outside the castle.

You will influence the character's course of action with the joystick. Your hero will be expected to confront the enemy. The battle will begin the moment as he meets the enemy. Your character will backstab the enemy with his trusty sword. As a result, he will totally eliminate them. You will begin receiving gold for killing enemies inside this Noob vs Pro Castle Defense game. All of this allows you to purchase weapons and equipment for the hero.

After this game, why don't you take the time to play other cool new games such as Monster School Challenge 2? There is no need to leave the house yet you can still have fun! 


Press W/A/D to move around.