Nubik vs Herobrin's Army

Have a great game in minecraft online games! You will need to traverse swarms of enemies! Herobrine abducted Nubik's brother, after all! Craft and improve weapons, then use them to destroy foes. Become a Hero and save your sibling! Don't miss your free time to explore the special space that this game has brought to online game players worldwide. You should also expand your games and join the world of Steve Alex Drive. They will not disappoint you.

Key Features:

- Multi-level storyline - Enemies known from Minecraft - Strong bosses - Variety of weapons.


Control for PC: Walking - arrows/WASD Attack - press LMB Weapon Crafting - Drag the weapons in the inventory to the same weapon to get an upgrade.

And if you decide to fight through the screen of your mobile device, then: Walking - control takes place through the on-screen joystick Attack - the sword button on the screen