Paper MineCraft

Paper MineCraft is an exciting Survival game that you can play here on minecraft game online. There are many game modes, you can play offline on a PC or you can participate in other players' online maps via "Example Worlds". The game has the same graphics as the famous MineCraft games and allows players to experience it on the flash web.

Depending on the mode of play you have chosen, you will have different tasks and goals when playing the game. However, the world in Paper MineCraft is also an open world like other Minecraft games. That means the player can do whatever they want in this game at This is also what makes the game attractive.
In offline mode, you will be able to play in mini-modes such as Survival, Peaceful, Creative. Besides, you can customize the world, skin character ...

Also, be careful with enemies in the game like zombies, wild animals ... because they can attack you causing you to lose blood and die.

We suggest players the latest games and you can easily explore the world of............ That will be the best thing. 


Use the WASD to control.

Use the mouse to place or dig blocks.

E to open chest or inventory.

F to eat items.

Space to drop/split items.

P to pause.