Parkour Boss

Parkour Boss is a fabulous 3D sidescroller game in which you must cross the finish line to the end of the race as as soon as possible. Parkour boss has such a twist: you have a grappling hook! While this may appear to be cheating and easy, the levels are really not, and you will still be called into question. In this parkour game at minecraft game modes, play as Spider-Man or Batman and use the grappling hook to complete levels as as soon as possible. More or less every level is assigned one, two, or 3 stars. If possible, try to somehow get five points on all stages. Much fun!

Along with your friends join now on the game to have a lot of fun together. Don't forget to allow yourself to participate in some other similar game genres like Dr. Noob Steve


- Use the WASD/arrow keys to move

- Press ESC to pause/settings

- The Space to jump

- Left click to shoot the grappling hook