Pixel Apocalypse Infection Begin

Pixel Apocalypse: Infection Begin is the first installment of the Pixel Apocalypse series that you can play here on minecraft shooting games. Are you ready for another pixel apocalypse? Pixel Apocalypse Infection Begin is a game of shooting zombies. This game will bring thrill and excitement to the players with the confrontation with the zombies. Can you defeat all these evil creatures?

In this game https://minecraftgames.games/, you see where the devastating zombie infection begins! The zombies are approaching from all angles, and you must attempt to survive using a myriad of weapons. You can play either PVE or PVP – both game modes are packed full of action and intense zombie gameplay. There is also a handful of different maps to play and a brilliant selection of weapons to use. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?

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Use WASD or arrow keys to move

LMB to shoot

RMB to aim

The Space bar to jump

The Shift to run

Enter to chat

Tab to open the menu


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