Pixel Farm

Pixel Farm is a great 3D online game that you can play here on minecraft free. If you like Minecraft, then you must be like our new game Pixel Farm. In this game, you have opportunities for building your own farm, you can give full play to your imagination and creativity. You can use the money you have to make more money, so you will win through more levels. Can you complete this impossible challenge? Have fun and good luck!

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Take the weed-ridden, out of commission ranch you inherit from your grandfather and turn it back into the lively farm it used to be with lots of animals and guests.

- Animal Areas

Clean up an animal area and populate it with the animals of your choice. At https://minecraftgames.games/, there are different facilities for different types—sheep, cows, pigs, and more. Design a ranch rich in diversity.

- Wild Animals

Once you get some life back into your ranch, wild animals such as wolves, foxes, and rabbits may show up. Increase your friendship level and get them all.

- Overnight Guests

Your ranch has overnight accomodations. Depending on what animals and facilities your ranch has, different guests will come to stay. Level up your guest rooms and attract them all.

- Store

You sell everything from livestock to animal products here. Customers will periodically stop by to make purchases. Level up your store to get more customers and earn coins faster.

- Encylopedia

Lists your farm animals, wild animals, guests, and fish. Collect all the characters!

- Ranch Hands

You can hire six ranch hands and assign them to the guest rooms, animal areas, and silo. As they level up, they learn to help with more jobs such as harvesting, cutting grass, and collecting room fees from the guests. Station them where you like and leave the work up to them.


Use the mouse to play this game