Pixel Gun Apocalypse 4

Pixel Gun Apocalypse 4 is a first-person Minecraft-style multiplayer game that you can play here on game minecraft online. This version features many new content and improvements from the previous titles including a reworked loadout system, and dozens of new maps. Join matches created by other players or create your own. Earn experience points and reach higher ranks to unlock more powerful weapons, and even the awesome rocket launcher. Jump right into the action and enjoy the game!

There are several weapon options and you can equip up to 3 weapons to be used in battle, including a rocket launcher to deal massive damage. As you play the game at https://minecraftgames.games/, you are earning xp points. Accumulate them and earn ranks. As you reach higher ranks, you will get access to more powerful weapons. For example, if you want to unlock rocket launcher, you will have to obtain rank 50, so do not wait any longer and jump right into the action in Minecraft world with popular pixel graphics. Have fun!

We extend the player's play count with a number of new games similar to this game where you can start your journey such as Blocky Combat Swat 2: Storm Desert and Freaky Factory. Each mission will force you to find those Different ways to play through. 


Use the mouse to Navigate /Aim

Left mouse to Shoot / Select

Right Mouse Button – Iron Sight

1-3 to Swap Weapon

Shift to Run

R to Reload

C to Crouch

Ctrl to Prone

Space to Jump

T to Open Chat

P to Full-screen

Tab to Pause / Menu / Score board