Pixel GunGame Arena Prison Multiplayer

Pixel Gungame Arena Prison Multiplayer is an exciting shoot'em up game which is playable on Minecraft multiplayer games. You are a guard of prison. One day, a lot of zombies that no one knows where they come from attack the prison. Pick up your weapon to protect your prison. It is a multiplayer game. Are you ready to play 5 fantastic game modes? 

Pixel GunGame Arena Prison Multiplayer in the awesome map arena fun, ready to play 5 game mode ? Play with friends around the world, you can play offline up to 40 levels. There are 24 guns by adding camouflage and accessories. Kill the zombies!

Join your friends right now in the game to test your reflexes in the best way. It will be more fun and some other interesting game genres like Kogama Bossbattle at https://minecraftgames.games/ 


Use the WASD to move 

Mouse to shooting, aim, look around, change gun 

The Space to jump 

TAB to menu 

The Shift to run