Pixel Warfare 3

Pixel Warfare 3 is a multiplayer battle game that you can play here on minecraft unblocked at school online. The minecraft style shooter offer better graphics, more fine, but always in a pixel-art style proper to the series. Many new maps have been added but also the ability to create private rooms with password to play only with his friends.

Welcome to the 3D battlefield. The game is the same as its twin in unity, the goal of the game is to kill your opponents. Killed or to be killed? It's up to your shooting skills in 3D battlefield. Arm with your weapons to start the battle right now. In the third edition of the epic first-person shooter game series there are two new warriors joining in the brutal pixel fight in the block world: the Swedish cutie pie PewDiePie and Open-World games' expert Vegetta777. Choose your favourite Youtube Minecraft Lets Player and begin the bloody battle for likes in Pixel Warfare 3. Enjoy the game and invite other game fans to play with you. Hope you like it!

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Use the Arrows / WASD to move

The Space to Jump

Use the mouse to View / Attack

1-6 to Weapons