Privacy Policy

Minecraftgames commits that we will protect your privacy online on our system. Minecraftgames does not collect any player's private information and does not sell this information for commercial purposes.

What information will Minecraftgames collect?

When you use Minecraftgames or register for an account on the system, Minecraftgames will collect non-private information. In order to protect your personal information, Minecraftgames recommends that you avoid sending us important personal information when accessing our website.

Third Party Advertising

Minecraftgames allows third parties to have the right to distribute advertisement and collect some anonymous information. (This is non-personally identifying information such as source information, browser type, time, date, or advertising theme). The third party will use a message or cookie to collect this information. So, Minecraftgames commits that we will protect your privacy in the absolute best way.

What is Cookies?

Minecraftgames may use cookies to improve and enhance the use of the site for players. Cookies are small files that websites use to store information on a user's computer. Keeping cookies on your computer will give you a great experience on Minecraftgames. Cookies will allow Minecraftgames to remember your screen name, visits, times, and interesting information that will make your experience become more attractive. Minecraftgames does not use cookies to collect personal information of the users.

Advertisements on Minecraftgames

Minecraftgames allows third parties to use ads on Minecraftgames. Advertisers must comply with the privacy regulations of Minecraftgames and some basic principles in advertising law. In particular, all advertisements on Minecraftgames must have healthy content and will not display ads related to sex, violence, drugs, alcohol and prohibited products in accordance with law. If you find any inappropriate advertisement, please notify us via email at [email protected].


This is Minecraftgames policy to deal with the wrongdoing of the parties and complaints about copyright infringement. By accessing and using this website, you signify your agreement to the Minecraftgames Online Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree with the policies and regulations of this Privacy Policy, you are fully entitled to refuse to use this website. Minecraftgames hopes that you will have a great experience with friends and family. If you have any questions, please contact us via email [email protected].