Squadd.io is a super fast paced shooting io game that you can play here on game minecraft 2d. The map is in a 3d world, and you can use tons of different types of weapons which can be found around the map. In this game, you get to pick the most enjoyable parts of the first person shooters, without all the annoying bits. Look at your surroundings from an isometric perspective, and see where your attacker is firing from. 

Are you tired of those hyper-realistic shooters that have you leaping around like a frog while firing all manner of automated weaponry against your enemies? Collect items and level up to improve your skills. Join Team Blue or Team Red and fight together. Most of all enjoy the pixel-based block graphics, reminiscent of old school art styles. Therefore at https://minecraftgames.games/, load up and get ready to blow people to bits in Squadd.IO!

Don't forget that we have other extra choices such as Waterguns.io and Minecraft Sky Land for you to check out later. Show your creativity and painting skills! 


Use the Arrows / WASD to move

Use the mouse to aim / shoot

Space / Right click to speed