Steve and Wolf

Steve has a new best friend, and you shouldn't be surprised if he does not always look like you expected, because he is a wolf. Don't ever be afraid; he proved to be an exceptionally loyal and devoted roommate to the hero, and in the game Steve and Wolf at Minecraft online game, friends will facilitate each other in getting away the dungeon. Steve went looking into the underwater cavern to see if it could be restarted.

It's a beneficial move he brought the wolf to him, because otherwise he would have had a much lesser chance of being redeemed. In reality, the hero would become disoriented as a matter of fact of the examination, turning first into one tunnel, then into yet another. He needs to now be defeated by progressing to all of the levels and assisting Steve and Wolf in having to overcome huge barriers.

With rich gameplay, you will learn a lot of different skills. You will compete with other players to see who will be the fastest. Enjoy some more games similar to Minicraft Duello if you want to test your speed. 


Player 1: WASD to move

Player 2: Arrow keys to move & R to reset