Toon Off

Toon Off is a multiplayer shooting game with 3D pixel style that you can play here on minecraft unblocked games. It sets in a realistic World War 2 location. You must work together with your teammates to plan the best possible strategy to storm the enemy's location and successfully bring back their flag to your base. Remember to pay attention to every corner and keep your senses sharp at all times. Good luck!

Choose a different camp before the game, you need to capture the flag of the enemy camp and bring it back to yourself base within a limited time. In the game at, defeat the enemies as many as you can and avoid being killed. The party with the highest score will win the game. Good luck!!!

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Left mouse to aim/shoot

Right mouse to use scope

Middle mouse or 1,2,3,4, and 5 to change weapon

G to use a grenade

R to reload weapon

WASD to run

Shift to sprint

Space to jump

Crtl to crouch

ESC to menu