Trap Craft

Programmer indeed organized a zombie end times in a beast school. What's more, offers you to play a game with him. The game has a Noob, a Pro, a Princess and different characters of the beast school. Everybody has their own longing, a Noob, for instance, needs to be adored by a Princess. The Hacker is prepared to satisfy everybody's desire assuming that you pass all his chellenges. Have fun with Minecraft games!

All you want is to safeguard the Portal from blocks. Make your own interesting protection against zombies. Use weapons and construct towers. New one of a kind snares on each level. Guard the entry, Mine coins and make your own technique. Every legend has his own amusing consummation. The Hacker is tricky and will influence all the legends, even Pro and Noob. In the store you can purchase a pet that expands the attributes of the legend. Much fun!

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The only tower defense game in monster school. Brawl with zombies has never been so smart and fun.