WorldZ is a 3D survival first person shooter game that you can play here on Minecraft games for the kid. In this game, the world is infested with various kinds of zombies. Survive the vast world filled with zombies with your trusty handgun and a plank of wood! Collect essential things and survive the WorldZ! Try to get a car to work to ease your travel from place to place and stay on the move.

You start the game with a handgun, two magazines of bullets, some bandages, and some wood. Here at, you must survive the land and scavenge for resources to survive even one night in the wild. Craft various objects and even new weapons to survive longer in the cursed world.

Practice your card playing skills while participating in this exciting game and start a new relaxing space with close friends. Similar games are updated in our game such as Minecaves 2 and World Craft 2


Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

Ctrl or left click to shoot

R to reload

Shift to run

E to open craft menu

Esc to open menu